Corporate Escapes

Burnout Prevention & Relief

Happy employees bring happy customers. This is true! Submit a request for Suprena to come to your workplace to create an Escape onsite! Your employees will not only feel appreciated but they will also obtain tools to use throughout their career for stress reduction. Investing in your employees will bring a great return and create a healthier working environment. Let Suprena customize a package for your company to include coaching sessions as well. She will meet with you and discuss common problems or potential problems in your company and offer solutions.

Inquire within for price quotes

Escape Boot Camp

Escape Boot Camp is a weekend program held in Wilmington or surrounding areas and is designed to lead you into focusing on mental, physical, and spiritual balance. You will experience what a personal escape looks and feels like. With Suprena as Your Escape Coach for the weekend, you are sure to leave the weekend feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and more goal oriented. This program includes a couple of interactive workshops, a personal session with Suprena, healthy snacks, meals, and an official Escape Guide to provide you with the tools needed to assist you during your Escape and also help you move to the next level in your life. Upon successful completion of Escape Boot Camp, you will receive a certificate of completion, a survival t-shirt, and an opportunity to be featured on the Escape Club's Wall of Fame on the website.

Pricing starts at $560 (coming soon)- Price excludes lodging

Warning, this program will be intense and life-changing!

Private Retreats

Private retreats are quite intimate and usually involves less than 20 people. This type of escape allows personal support and guidance from Suprena. They can be In Wilmington and surrounding areas or abroad. Suprena can also host your private retreat wherever you are located. Simply inquire within for price quotes.