Welcome to your Nurses' Corner! Do you remember when we first started nursing school? We learned the basics of patient care and were taught the importance of teaching our patients self care. We learned quickly that the patients came first, right? Well what about us? You see we possess enough knowledge and skills to help transform our patients' lives but overall we haven't quite translated that knowledge into the appropriate application of our own self care. As we continue to put mileage in our nursing career, imagine what it would be like if we were able to treat ourselves just as good, if not better, than the people we regularly serve all the time. Imagine what an even greater impact we can make by modeling the lifestyle we regularly teach. We are able to motivate our patients to optimal wellness and provide the community support to all disciplines surrounding us daily so we deserve to have at least the same support and motivation. 

Dorothea Orem's Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory focuses on helping people maintain or achieve balance between activities and rest. I remember the many days and nights working on the units and rarely making the time to stop for a bathroom break within a 12-hr shift! During that time, I may have eaten snack or two or literally inhaled my lunch in the break room so that I could get back to my patients. I vividly remember this was normal practice- despite what was written for us to do or what we were told to do by our supervisors. In reality, we were normally short staffed wherever I worked. I was a travel nurse for nearly a decade and even though we preached healthy habits to our patients and was able to see positive results from many who listened, truth is that the medical and nursing staff's culture was overall unhealthy and so fast-paced where our self-care wasn't a priority. Our priority was our patients.

Of course this lifestyle mixed with a highly stressful environment at work and then life at home would naturally be disastrous for our health. I've sent many of my fellow co-workers to the ER over the years or seen their health decline as a result of the self-care deficits. It wasn't until I enrolled in a health coaching program focused on self-care and health promotion and this is when the light bulb came on. We are the healthcare professionals and the natural leaders in a well-respected career. When the patients walk away from the doctors confused, we help them find clarity. We have helped to transform so many lives on a daily basis so isn't it time we are worth investing in our own health? It became so clear that we can create a shift in the culture of Nursing and take back our health. By doing so, we become a stronger unit, more productive, happier, and less stressed. Imagine the turnover rate decreasing and recruitment increasing! We would naturally attract more people to having a new career in Nursing! Yes, we are that powerful!!

By partnering with me, you can receive any of the following:

  • Private or Group coaching sessions once or twice per month or as needed
  • Ongoing email support
  • Private retreat offerings
  • Workshops specified for Nurses, Nursing Students, and Nurse Prospects
  • Exclusive leisure travel opportunities for Nurses only (connect with many Nurses nationally and internationally)

Be a Nurse With Options

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