Escape (2)

My Road To Escaping

Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to read my blog! If you read my bio then you know I'm very passionate about helping others- but more importantly self-care as this has been one of the greatest challenges of my life. I was raised with the mentality of caring for others first and then I would pretty much get what's left over. This was no lesson that was taught as I sat and took notes but this was a lesson learned from simply observing the behaviors around me. The women I knew growing up were very strong women who carried a lot on their plates and even when they were tired and appeared to have no more to give they continued to give because I feel this is what they knew. I recall that no matter how depleted they were, they never looked as so. They were well put together with the coordinated clothing, jewelry, and makeup. They managed the homes with multiple children, their careers, continued their education, and was also active in their church or communities. Oh there is no doubt that these women rocked and they were that "Superwoman" in my life and I love them dearly to this day!

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