It is easy to get caught up in life's craziness until you are sometimes unable to see and appreciate the beauty before us. You are so busy managing your life, your family and friends' lives, as well as focusing on your career until you somehow have neglected your health and you didn't realize it until it was too late. You may have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness like Diabetes, Obesity, or High Blood Pressure and need help bridging the gap between your doctor's recommendations and your current lifestyle. Maybe you have been battling some addictions like smoking, alcoholism, sex, gambling, or shopping and you need intervention. You may even need assistance with your personal development or assistance with improving your relationships and marriage. Whether you wish to receive support privately or in a group setting with individuals in similar situations, you have come to the right place for support. As Your Escape Coach, I am gifted and skilled in helping you create room in your life to take care of YOU! 

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Welcome to your Nurses' Corner! Do you remember when we first started nursing school? We learned the basics of patient care and were taught the importance of teaching our patients self care. We learned quickly that the patients came first, right? Well what about us? You see we possess enough knowledge and skills to help transform our patients' lives but overall we haven't quite translated that knowledge into the appropriate application of our own self care. As we continue

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Caring for your loved one or any other person can be quite rewarding. It can however be very exhausting if self-care requisites are not met appropriately. You have taken on a task that many wouldn't or couldn't. You have sacrificed your time and health to care for another. The downside of this is that I've witnessed many caregivers' health decline as a result of caring long term for their loved one. I've helped a few patients get placement in

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Corporate Escapes

Burnout Prevention & Relief

Happy employees bring happy customers. This is true! Submit a request for Suprena to come to your workplace to create an Escape onsite! Your employees will not only feel appreciated but they will also obtain tools to use throughout their career for stress reduction. Investing in your employees will bring a great return and create a healthier working environment. Let Suprena customize a package for your company to include coaching sessions as well.

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A Powerful and Life-changing Coaching Experience!

“Suprena brings years of passion, know-how and expertise to her role as an escape coach. She has mastered teaching women how to push the pause button on the busyness of life to take time to truly explore and express the inner need we all have to live healthy, balanced and well-rested lives that enable us to be all we were created to be…even when the demands on our time seem to make it impossible. She teaches us nurturers how to be nurtured and emotionally, spiritually and physically well nourished. Her approach to coaching and true, heartfelt passion to see others thrive creates a powerful and life-changing coaching experience.”

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